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Feb 9, 2017

ASA-NM Past Presidents

ASA-NM's Past Presidents The American Subcontractors Association of New Mexico was established in 1975.  Thank you to all the Past Presidents; without your hard work and dedication the ASA-NM would not be what it is today.

Past Presidents

1975 Carlton Cook; Cook's Building Specialties

1976- Lloyd Sallee; JC Badridge Lumber Co

1977- Joe Graff; Graff Flooring Contractor

1978- F.D. "Mac" McLeod; Bonded Plumbing & Heating Co

1979- William "Bill" Morrow; All Field Insulation Co., Inc.

1980-Jack Donner; Donner Plumbing & Heating

1981-William "Bill" Klein; Klein Enterprises, Inc.

1982- Rick Dunlap; Merit Insulation, Inc.

1983- Ann Johnson; PPG Industires

1984- Ken Ray; Seal Co

1985- John Turner; John Turner Contractor, Inc.

1986- Max Glover; Aluminum Sales Corporation

1987- Jim Klein; Klein Enterprises, Inc.

1988- Jerry Graff; Graff Flooring Contractor

1989- Sid Skarr; National Heating & Ventilating

1990-1992 Randy Kaufman; Pinon Mechanical

1993-1994 David Ashcraft; Ashcraft Mechanical

1994-1996 Patsy Tomosky; The EdCo Corporation

1996-1998 Tom Schafer; ABC Door Co

1999- Jim Henson

1999-2000 Carla Sonntag; Commercial West Insurance Agency

2000-2001 Kevin Stock; RSC Equipment Rental

2001-2002 Ben Martinez; Harrison Contracting

2002-2004 Steve Rogers; Millers Insulation

2004-2005 Bob Pelletier; Pelletier Construction

2005-2007 Bill Green; Safety Counselling

2007-2009 Donna Donoghue; Yearout Mechanical

2009-2010 Kevin Conboy; SW Lath & Plaster

2010-2011 Denise Mello; Sealant Specialists

2011-2012 Jason File; Les File Drywall, Inc.

2012-2013 Jason File; Les File Drywall, Inc.

2013-2014 Execuitive Board

2014-2015 Miles Gossett; TradeSource

2015-2016 Ray Moya; Prime Electric, Inc.