Member Luncheons

2018 Member Luncheons

January 18 Member Luncheon; Incrase Workplace Morale & Productiviety through Managing Difficult Employees- Part II Guidebooks with guest speaker Jill Avey of Southwestern HR Consulting and Legislative Preview with Mo Chavez of SaucedoChavez PC

February 22 Member Luncheon; Joint Associaton with ASA-NM, ABC and NMUCA with guest speakers Paul Gessing of the Rio Grande Foundation presenting on the Right To Work win in Sandoval County also the 2018 NM Legislative Update presented by Senator Jacob Candelaria.

April 5 Member Luncheon; General Legal Stuff presented by Sean Calvert Esq or Calvert Menicucci PC

May 10 Member Luncheon; Annual Meeting and Medical Canabis in the Workplace presented by Jacob White of Reynold Greenleaf & Associates and Samantha Adams of Adams + Crow Law Firm

June 14 Member Luncheon; Building Relationships One Project at a Time with panelists from First Mesa Construction, Enterprise Builders Corporation, Kliner Constructors, JB Henderson Construction, HB Construction and More.

September 13 Member Luncheon; Dones- The Future of Construction- Utilizing technology, drone imaging, and 3D scanning to incrase productivity and safety on your jobsite presented by Anthony Paulos with Holman's USA and Franklins Earthmoving.

November 8 Member Luncheon; Tariffs and How it's Affecting the Construction Industry presented by Albuquerque Windustrial and Rio Rancho Education Foundation; Brining the Trades Back into the Schools presented by Bill Stanage with Wealth Managment Group.

2019 Member Luncheons

January 17 Member Luncheon; 2019 Legislative Preview presented by Morris Chavez Esq. of SaucedoChavez PC

February 14 Member Luncheon; Working on Federal contracts or planning to? Dome and learn how you can implement Federal Sick Leave for your company and how it affect estimating and payroll.

March 19 Partner Member and Board of Directors only dinner.

April 11 Member Luncheon; Have you appreciated your General Contractor lately?  Join us for a conversation featuring some of ASA-NM's partner members including JB Henderson Construction, Klinger Constructors and Enterprise Builders Corporation.

May 9 Member Luncheon; Economy and Business in New Mexico presented by Representative Antonio Maestas, Chair of the House of Commerce and Economic Development Committee also presented was the 2019 Legislative Review by Morris Chavez of SaucedoChavez PC.

June 13 Member Luncheon; Current State of BIM in Real World New Mexico presented by Real World Users including representatives from GS/SJCF Architecture, Yearout Mechanical, Chavez Grieves Consulting Engineers and Bridgers & Paxton.

August 26 Joint Albuquerque City Council Candidate Forum

September 12 Member Luncheon; Employment Practices Liabiity Insurance and Trends presented by USLI and November 2019 School Mill Levy and Bond Election Update

November 14 Member Luncheon; Subcontractor/Supplier Lien Rights and Timelines- Know Your Rights and How Long You Have to Take Action presented by Calvert Mencicucci PC

November 18 Lunch & Learn; Come and meet the Board of Directors and see What ASA-NM does and what we can do for you.

2020 Member Luncheons

January 9; Expungement- New Mexico Law and how it pertains to your business presented by David Pardo; Records Custodian/ Senior Trial Attoryney, Office of the Second Judicial District Attorney

February 13; Legislative Update and Sick Leave with Mo Chavez

February 19; Canceled Las Cruces Member Luncheon

March 17; Postponed Vendor Member and Board of Directors only dinner

April 9; Online- Mayor of Rio Rancho Greg Hull and Gary Tonjes of Albuquerque Economic Development

May 14; Online- Annual meeting and Stress Managment

May 20; Canceled Las Cruces Member Luncheon

June 11; Online Business Practice Interchange

August 19; Canceled Las Cruces Member Luncheon

September 10; Online Apprenticeships/ Mentorships, JTIP, WIC Interships and nontraditional construction workers in the industry

November 5; Las Cruces Member Luncheon

November 12; General Contractor Panel Discussion

2021 Member Lundheons

January 14; 2021 Legislative Preview presented by ASA-NM Lobbyist Morris Chavez Esq. of SaucedoChavez PC & Procurement presented by representatives from; The City of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County & The State of New Mexico

February 11; Building Bridges: Effective Communication on the Multi-Generational Job Site. Presented by: Annemarie Ciepiela Henton APR

March 25; 2021 Legislative Re-Cap presented by ASA-NM Lobbyist Morris Chavez Esq. of SaucedoChavez PC

April 20; New Mexico Legalizes Recreational Marijuana- Employers get the “420” on how to start preparing now! Presented by: Morris Chavez of SaucedoChavez PC– ASANM Lobbyist, Samantha Adams of Adams+Crow Law Firm, Gary Beck of Concentra Medical Centers

May 13; ASANM Annual Meeting; Review of the past year, the road ahead for the year coming, Board of Officers & Directors election results etc. And 2021 Legislative, Regulatory & Political Update Presented by: ASA National GRC Director Mike Oscar

June 10; Partner Member Panel Discussion; featuring panelists from JB Henderson, Bradbury Stamm Construction and Dekker/ Perich/ Sabatini

July 15; Partner member Panel Discussion Part II; Featuring Panelists from Klinger Constructors, LLC, SDV Construction and Enterprise Builders Corporation

September 9; Paid Sick Leave Bill- Join us as we do a deep dive into the current legislation, so you will know it and understand it. Presented by: SaucedoChavez PC and REDW

November 18; Albuquerque Economic Development- Danielle Casey, AED President & CEO. Hear about AED’s recently created Five-Year Strategic Plan, Updates on recent business growth success and top areas where AED will be working to increase the competitive position for business growth and attraction in the greater Albuquerque region.

2022 Luncheons

January 13; Construction Industries Division & The New Permitting Process. Presented by Tamara Kuykendall– LP Gas Bureau Chief


March 24; SPECIAL INVITATION ONLY!! 1ST EVER VENDOR MEMBER & BOARD OF DIRECTORS DINNER We are inviting two representatives from each of our Vendor Member companies to join the Board of Directors for dinner and a round table discussion. Vendor Members are an important part of ASANM and the purpose of this event is to discuss how we can mutually benefit from each other in order to enhance our industry. As a valued part of the ASANM membership your attendance would be a great benefit to all. Please bring any recommendations you can offer from what you are seeing in the industry.

April 14; LEGISLATIVE REVIEW AND CANNABIS UPDATE Presented by: Morris Chavez Esq.

May 12; HEALTHY WORK PLACE ACT “New Mexico Paid Sick Leave– Round II” Presented by: Chris Saucedo Esq. & ANNUAL MEETING

June 9; CONTRACT INDEMNIFICATION, LIEN WAIVERS, DELAY CLAUSES, PRICE ESCALATION AND PANDEMIC CLAUSES... OH MY!! Presented by: Sean Calvert, Esq. & ACE Leadership High School– Hear what the school is about and how they are producing the next construction generation.

August 11; PUBLIC LABOR AGREEMENTS Get the 411 on the PLA’s Ask questions regarding PLA’s Presented by: Jennifer Turner– Deputy Director with the City of Albuquerque Municipal Development & Brian Condit– Executive Director of the New Mexico Building Trades Council

September 8; ADDRESSING MENTAL HEALTH AND SUICIDE IN CONSTRUCTION Presented by: Jacalyn Dougherty, PhD Suicide Prevention Coordinator New Mexico Department of Health

November; WORDS MATTER How can we up our understanding of communication & enhance working conditions & culture. The words we use either trigger reactionary responses that sabotage outcomes & collaboration or they can create a safe environment where trust, integrity, & accountability can flourish. Presented by: Carmil Surritt Life Coach, Speaker & Aspiring Author

2023 Luncheons

January: Factory Closures, Price Inflation, Transportation Reliability... Which Supply Chain Issue Keeps You Up at Night?  Panel discussion with representatives from SDV Construction, Enterprise Builders Corporation, Albuquerque Pipe & Pump Supply Co. and Prime Electric, Inc.

February: Communications with General Contractors as it relates to Contracts, Project Scheduling, Project Management.  Panel discussion with representatives from Brycon Corporation, Klinger Constructors, LLC., Studio Southwest Architects and American Fire Protection Group, Inc.  Moderated by Sean Calvert Esq. of Calvert Menicucci P.C.

March: Annual Board of Directors, Past President's Club and Partner Member only dinner

April: 2023 Legislative Review presented by ASANM’s Lobbyist; Morris Chavez Esq. of SaucedoChavez P.C.

May: Annual Meeting & What is ASA and What is in it for Me?  Learn about what ASA is and what benefits are included with your membership on both the local and national levels.  Learn about our committees, what they do and what is in the works for ASA-NM.

June: Show Me the Money! Get updates on conditional payment clauses in New Mexico, recent decisions on the Prompt Payment Act and ways to ensure that you get paid.  Presented by Sean Calvert Esq. of Calvert Menicucci, P.C.

August: Legislative, Political and Regulatory Update presented by Michael T. Oscar; Director of Government Relations for National American Subcontractors Association.