Strategic Planning

Representatives of the Board of Directors and the Executive Director of the American Subcontractors Association - New Mexico meet yearly to continue its strategic planning process.

The purpose of the strategic planning process is to establish a framework for assessing and reviewing the basic values underlying the Association’s existence and to establish an action plan leading to the achievement of consistent and planned results.

Background The participants conducted a brief environmental scan based on their knowledge of the Association, their companies and the environment in which they operate.  Based on these discussions, a list of combined topic suggestions is gathered over the past year and the current event/ education schedule, the Board reviewed their six basic goals and began the process of developing objectives and strategies for their implementation.


  • Goal 1: Advocacy (PAC) Advocate to protect the rights of members and improve the business environment before all branches and levels of government and the construction industry.
  • Goal 2: Communication Provide communication with members, prospects and industry groups in a timely, focused, interactive and effective manner.
  • Goal 3: Education Provide business management education to the construction industry.
  • Goal 4: Networking Provide a forum to enrich the networking and connectivity among members and by members with others in the construction industry.
  • Goal 5: Membership Retention and Recruitment Increase, retain and diversify membership. Model Ethics Code.
  • Goal 6: Management and Governance Manage and govern the Association as an efficient, profitable and ongoing business.